Keeping Our Roads Safe

The First Coast Road Rangers are an indispensable element of Florida’s highway safety infrastructure. We help out at accident scenes, direct traffic where needed, clear roadways and much, much more!

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Keeping Our Roadways Safe

First Coast Road Rangers is a free service provided by the Florida Department of Transportation. We provide incident management response services and limited no-cost highway assistance to motorists. Our job is to improve highway safety for emergency responders and the motoring public. The Road Rangers play a key role in incident management across the state of Florida.

Road Rangers get the opportunity to help the public by providing a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency services. When not responding to calls, we patrol the expressways in our respective coverage areas, monitor traffic conditions, and report incidents. Joining the Road Rangers is an exciting, challenging opportunity to pursue a career in public service.

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The First Coast Road Rangers perform a variety of emergency and non-emergency services at no extra cost to motorists. These include but are not limited to:

Emergency Incident Management

Maintenance of Traffic

Highway Debris Removal

Accident Cleanup

Roadside Assistance

Highway Patrol

Traffic Condition Reporting

Police Assistance

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About Us

Road Rangers provide an indispensable service to Florida’s motoring public every single day. Whether it’s helping motorists who’ve run into trouble on the road or helping police re-route traffic after an accident, we’re the ones behind the scenes, making sure our neighbors are as safe as possible on our state’s highways and expressways.

Joining our ranks means signing up to be a part of one of Florida’s most critical public services. It doesn’t matter if we’re helping a stranded driver change a flat tire or removing dangerous road debris after a hurricane—we do whatever we can to help, whenever we can. Apply below to join one of the best teams you’ll find in the state of Florida.


“[This is a] great job, as you are making people happy. My daily job involved spotting disabled vehicles on the interstate and offering them assistance with breakdowns, changing tires etc. Many are desperate for help as they are in dangerous areas and are extremely happy when I was able to help them and get them safely back on the road.”

– Former Employee, Indeed Reviews

“I absolutely love this job. Was recently hired at the Gainesville office. Every day I get to help people and get paid to do it. This job is very satisfying. I love it.”

– Current Employee, Indeed Reviews


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